Ivanti Application Control Message Boxes

Ivanti Application Control (formerly AppSense Application Manager) is a security tool which allows whitelisting / blacklisting executables as well as privilege management capabilities. For me, this tool is the primary reason to talk to ivanti. All of the other tools that they offer are just optional extras. Application Control offers the ability to customise the message boxes that users see when Application Control performs an operation.

This post will show an example of what is possible and refer readers to Aaron Parker’s (AKA stealthpuppy) website.

Would you rather have your users see:

  1. A modern looking message box using Windows 10 fonts and colours
  2. An old basic message box

If the answer is 1 then don’t worry because Aaron Parker author of https://stealthpuppy.com has recently created a sample CSS file and example messages that turn those basic messages into visually appealing messages.

He has hosted the CSS on github so you can go and fork it and make it even better (if you want). The CSS can be found at https://gist.github.com/aaronparker/68e8fd1c066c6ecc8b66bb9067120e2c. Once you have the CSS you’ll still need to reference the styles within your message boxes. Instead of stealing Aaron’s post and re-creating it here why not just head over to his site and see the source. You can find Aaron’s article on the ivanti Application Control message boxes at https://stealthpuppy.com/ivanti-application-control-message-boxes/

Excellent work Aaron.